About Me

Hi! I am Heather Anderson, You can call me H.

I was born and raised in British Columbia. Now residing in Ontario.

I am Mummy to two beautiful children and Wifey to an amazingly talented computer programmer. I have lived, photographed and trained in Canada and England in my adult life. I love to garden and have quite a green thumb. I am very artistic. I include crafting, painting, pottery and sculpting among my talents.

My love affair with photography started at the tender age of 4 with a little teal 110 camera. After that I was using my Uncle's OM 10, then OM4 and then buying one of each for myself. Now I shoot with Canon.

Photography is my passion and second love. I have a great eye and can find beauty in everything. Life is abstract. Never seen in exactly the same way twice. I aim to make your vision a reality.